Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love...With...

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 ...this plate to polish off my Christmas dinner table setting.

It's official.  I am in full holiday season mode....AND so is the rest of the world.  Here is my proof:  the tree and ice skating rink are up on the Santa Monica promenade, my very favorite easy listening  radio station has started playing Christmas music non-stop every night after 7pm, and my Living Christmas Tree will be delivered two weeks from Saturday.  YAY!

I am going with a traditional / playful setting this year.  Crisp, clean colors mixed with fun patterns.  What do you think?!

 ...these sunglasses!!!
I am currently coping with the fact that I have managed to lose my second pair of Ray Bans this year. :(  So, I decided that I would replace them with something cheaper, but totally stylin.  Isn't it amazing how its the $5 sunglasses that you manage to keep for 10 years.  Let's hope these beauties stay with me! (They were only $5!!)

...the perfect shade of nudish-pink, shimmery lipstick for the holiday party season.

Don't you think?!

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...spiked holiday cocktails.

The annual holiday party date is set.  Invites are sent.  It's time to start planning the food.  Yippie!

What are your plans for the weekend, my lovelies?  Starting your holiday shopping?  Practicing your cooking skills for Thursday?  Packing for Thanksgiving travels?

Whatever you do, take time to relax and breathe in the sweet smell of holiday season air.



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