Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love...With...

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....home grown green onions!

Did you know that you can have green onions growing in your house simply by using water and a glass cup?!  You know the rooty looking ends of the green onion?  Guess what, those really are roots!  If you put them root end down in a glass cup and fill the cup with water, the roots begin to grow almost instantly and you will have green onions that keep on giving!! What the what?!  No dirt = awesome, huh?!

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..Martha's new book! EKKKKK!!!

Nearly 30 years after her first book, Entertaining, was released, Martha has released Martha's Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations.  Christmas is coming.  Guess what is at the TIP TOP of my wish list?! new bedroom art!

Our good friend (and Chris's groomsman), Sam Garcia, drew this pomegranate for me for my birthday!  I finally got around to framing it this week.  Per fung Shui, Pomegranates are good for the bedroom because they help fertility, and the color red brings passion.  I thought this was a nice combo in color and image.  I plan to accent our pale lavender (nearly gray) walls and white bedding and window dressing with a few other pops of red.  Possibly throw pillows and candles.  The bedroom is slowly coming together! Yippie!

Happy Friday and weekend, lovelies!

Stay tuned for Chris's second honey-do post this weekend!



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  1. I noticed the word "fertility" and "bedroom" in the same sentence!

    Love you!