Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feel Good Wednesday - Puppy Time!

Image Source: A Cup of Jo
I read this post yesterday on one of my very favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo.  She describes the above Iphone app, Puppy Time, created by one of her friends.

You can read all the specifics about the app in her post, but basically, this app was created by a dude that wanted to cheer up his girlfriend (who has a very stressful job).  Super sweet, no?  He would compile pictures of cute puppies when she was having a rough day and send them to her periodically to make her smile.  Then, he decided this idea might be a great app!  Duh!!  Who doesn't LOVE cute puppies?!

Anyway, this seems pretty "feel good" to me, so I thought I would share!

Oh, oh and guess what?!  Kitten Time comes out next month....YESSSSS!



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  1. First, I LOVE Cup of Jo as well. She is one of my daily reads. And second that is a brilliant idea. My ex used to do the same thing. He would send me emails of puppy photos when I was down. It's amazing how puppies really make people smile. Can't wait to check out that app.