Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feel Good Wednesday - Let's Talk About Anxiety

I first saw this little comic over at one of favorite blogs ever, A Cup of Jo.  I found it soooo adorable and soooo true for many gals I know.

I don't know about you, but I am having a TON of anxiety lately.  I always have a little bit, but right now its just over-the-moon.  Maybe the holidays?  My Core Fusion teacher training? Work?  A new year approaching?  Who knows.  But, I figured that if I am fighting anxiety off with a big stick right now, maybe some of you lovelies are too?

Here are some anxiety remedies that I use, as well as some remedies I have researched:

Breathe.  As any yoga teacher will tell you, your breath is your life source.  Anytime you feel anxious, pause and focus on nothing but taking deep inhales, and deep exhales.  Focus on the sound of your breath and the motion of your chest and belly rising and falling as you breathe.  Taking the time to realize that I am breathing and thus, alive, is sometimes all my mind and body needs to calm down.

Take a bath. You can put essential oils like lavender and chamomile in the water, or ingredients as common as baking soda (just a little bit) and ginger.  The warm water relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.  This is GREAT to do before bedtime.

Eat onions, celery, and leeks.  They are high in potassium and folic acid.  When you are deficient in those nutrients, it causes anxiety. 

Eat, drink, or burn rosemary.  You can add the herb to your food, add about 2 tablespoons of the herb to boiling water and seep for tea, or even burn a few sprigs and inhale.

Move.  Noncompetitive exercise such as yoga, running, walking, hiking, swimming, etc. is a great way to clear the mind and focus on nothing but your breath (remember #1?!)

Make a list, check it twice.  This repetitive exercise can take your mind off of what is causing anxiety.  For people that have anxiety induced insomnia, lists are great to make before bedtime. Make your task list for the next day, check it twice, and go to sleep.  What else can you do?

Self Massage.  There are pressure points all over that body that reduce anxiety.  If you feel anxiety coming on take a moment to relax and massage these spots.  Tapping lightly in the middle of the sternum while breathing deeply also helps.

Do you do any of these remedies already?  Will you?  How do you overcome your anxiety?  What makes you anxious?  I'm curious!  Tell me I am not alone in my anxiety!