Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feel Good Wednesday - Comfortable Love

Image Source: Offbeatbride
I read this article today on Off Beat Bride about what someone learned about marriage from their parents.  Its so sweet and made me feel so warm and cozy... like real, true, life-long marriage is possible - I had to share!

When Chris and I were engaged and we met happily married people, we always asked how they made it work.  We got all sorts of funny responses.  I think the top of the list for me was the advice to always have two residences (in case you get sick of each other and need to take a mini break for a week)!  Gotta love the honesty.

It makes me feel good and inspired to read about comfortable love.  What about you?!



P.S. Today is my 7 monthaversary!  Wowzers.  Time flies when you're a newlywed.

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