Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is a Solution To This Mess!

This is my jewelry box.  As you can see, its a mess.

I have been unreasonably attached this jewelry box since I was in high school.  It survived four years in the Tri Delta house, a cross country move to Los Angeles, and multiple apartment moves since then.

I have not only (very obviously) outgrown my childhood jewelry box, but it also has no place in my bedroom.

See how it randomly sits on the floor in the closet?  It's in the way of my shoes...you KNOW that means I have a problem with it.

I am ranting about this jewelry box to you all because I am looking for solutions.  I think its time for me to part with it, but I need other options for my jewelry, perfume, etc.

What do you do?  Do you have a bigger, real piece of furniture jewelry box?  Do you have drawers dedicated to jewelry in your dresser?  How do you remember what you have if it is tucked away nice and neat?

Here are some out in the open options I like:

Knob and Handle Jewelry Holders
Standing Necklace and Bracelet Holders - where do I find those?
Hanging Frames as Jewelry Holders
Cutlery Tray Jewelry Holder

Help me, lovelies!  All I want for Christmas is my jewelry to be easily found, worn, and not sitting on my floor blocking my shoes!



1 comment:

  1. You could also do the pegboard thing like I did for my belts and scarfs!

    I've seen the jewelry stands..... but something sturdier AND less expensive is a mug/cup holder! Check your local Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    Love you.