Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Regift Gets a Makeover

My mom regifted this tray to me last Christmas (after her opposite of thoughtful ex-boss gave it to her for Christmas).  Lucky for me, I had been looking for a wooden tray, so I was stoked about my regift!

As usual, I have recently become a little bored with my plain ole wooden tray and decided to spice it up!

I didn't want to totally lose the wooden, rustic look of the tray, so I decided to add a pop of color to the bottom.

Mod Podge is like a gift from God for quick change projects like these.  Glue and sealer in one, for a low price?  Yes, please.  I picked up some Matte (I hate the shiny kind, it looks super gluey to me) Mod Podge and some pretty, green patterned paper from Michael's for my quick fix.

Using Mod Podge is so simple, it kinda seems like a crime.  DIY projects are supposed to be super messy and time consuming, right?!

I spread Mod Podge all over the bottom of my tray and placed the paper down. (Be careful and precise and with step because it sticks quickly and the paper will tear if it sets too long and you try to remove it!)

Then, I added a sealer coat to the top of the paper and let it dry for about an hour.

Isn't the pattern pretty?!

Done!  Wooden and rustic with a pop of color.  Exactly what I was hoping for. :)

Cost of supplies = less than $10 (if you already have a tray)
Time = 10 minutes of work time and 1 hour of dry time
Mess = a little glue on my fingers

Mod Podge is awesome!

What do you think, lovelies?  Do you like the tray change?  Do you swear by Mod Podge like I do?! 



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