Thursday, October 20, 2011

Potato, Rosemary, Goat Cheese Soup

Is there anything better than hearty, comfy, delicious potato soup in the fall? 
I found this recipe last week and Chris and I decided to make it one foggy fall night (the fog as been insane in LA recently!).

I was super excited that the recipe called for goat cheese (I recently discovered that I am slightly allergic to cow's dairy, but not goat!), but even more so that it called for rosemary.

And!  This recipe finally gave Chris and I the opportunity to make a cheesecloth satchel!
Its the little things in life that are truly exciting, no?! 

I let Chris handle the satchel rolling.

Cute, right?!

This recipe also gave me the opportunity to practice my roux-making skills.
Just keep stirring, stirring, stirring...(you will notice that the author of this recipe describes the importance of learning to make roux!).

Here is our satchel in our soup infusing it with flavor.

Final product = holy yummy and cozy!

Potato soup always hits my spot on a chilly fall night.  What about you?!  What is your favorite fall comfort food?



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