Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Series - Weekend Honey-Do! - How to Light a Pilot Light

Happy weekend, Lovelies! I have some super fun news this spooky night before Halloween, the one and only Mr. Arotin has requested to contribute to Love, L.A. once a week!

He will be posting weekly as he journeys through my never-ending honey-do list.  (Projects that truly need a man's touch.)

I learn new household maintenance information from Chris everyday.  A few recent examples include - how to properly light a grill, how to cook a steak evenly, how to unclog a sink, to name a few.

Given the recent temperature drop (not quite Noreaster storm conditions in Socal, but it has gotten chilly at night), today, Chris will begin his weekend series by teaching you all how to light a pilot light!

Thank you for reading and please show Chris your support!

Good Evening Ladies & Gents!  Yes, that is me with a lighter and a gas heater.  I am going to do my best not to melt my face as I light this puppy.  

Tools needed:
1)  Long lighter or matches
2)  Flashlight

The gas to your heater should be turned off for the summer.  Lots of landlords here in LA just keep them that way.  The pilot light can also go out by accident.  Either way, here is what you'll need to do to get it going again!

Step 1: Open the heater and look around in there!   

Once you have the heater open (there should be a small opening near the bottom to gain access) look for the way the gas is going into the heater.  In the far back you should see a red shut off valve.  Make sure this is open by turning it to the left (counter-clockwise).

Step 2: Find the pilot value.

This black nob is a pilot value.  Yours might have a red ignition button on it, or be a switch.  Mine is a button in itself, which is pushed down in the lighting process.

Step 3: Turn your thermostat to 80 and turn the ignition button to "on" or "pilot".

Step 4: Push down the ignition!
Depress the button, or the red ignite button (if your heater has a separate button)! Almost there!

Step 5: Follow the gas line to the pilot and light your lighter!

At the top end of this line (it will look like the line I am pointing to) is where you will actually hold the lighter or match.  Keep the ignition button down and the flame close to the pilot and it will catch.  Once you have it lit, keep the button down for a few more seconds.  If you let go too quickly, the pilot won't stay on. 

After a minute, the regulator in your heater will allow the whole thing to start up. You will be greeted with the terrible smells of a season's worth (or more!) of your cat or dog hair burning off.  I recommend opening the windows at this point!

Good Luck!  Leave me a comment if you have questions.

We hope next week is wonderful and if you haven't had the chance (or courage) to light your pilot light yet, now you can!  yay!


Lindsey and Chris

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  1. Love the togetherness..... success always comes in twos!

    Love you guys! Looking forward to Chris' contributions to the great blog.