Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Series - Feel Good Wednesday!

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Lovelies, I am so sorry to have gone M.I.A. yesterday!

I so badly wanted to post, but between my day job and my new training schedule at Exhale, my time is something that is reserved for eating and sleeping!  So, please bare with me if I miss a post or two each week!  I am working super hard.

I figured that with my Exhale training, it might be fun to change up my Wednesday series to include fun, feel good facts!  This will include diet, exercise, and body information for you to keep in your back pocket. 

Starting the new series with Child's Pose seems appropriate because it is a very energizing, rejuvenating pose.  Anytime you feel tired, overwhelmed or over-worked, dropping down into child's pose can provide great relief.

When are down in the pose, rest your head on the earth and invision new, revitalized energy enterting your body.  Taking a quick pause in this pose during the day can give you the energy needed to power through whatever tasks you need to get done. (If fact, a yoga instructor once told me that sitting in child's pose for 5 minutes will refresh you in the same way that taking a 2 hour nap would!  How cool is that?!)

What do you think of the new series?  Are you interested to learn more about your body and how you can be kind to it?!  Please email me or leave me a comment with anything you would love to learn about!



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