Monday, October 3, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - This is Why We Bike!

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Happy Monday, lovelies!

I saw this image today (isn't it so funny, awesome, and true?!!) and was inspired to finally post other benefits of biking that I have been collecting for Mother Earth Monday.

In addition to those benefits above, here are 3 other reasons to peddle. :)

1) Peddling saves money. 
Money via gas. (With the average tank costing $50-$75, I will let you do your own life math.) Money via bike repairs, since they are far less expensive than car repairs.  Money via doctor's bills because peddling is not only transportation, but also exercise.  Holla!

2) Peddling keeps you lean.
I already kinda touched on this, but did you know that the average person (healthy, but not a professional athlete) burns 50 calories per mile while biking?  We are talking just normal speed, not spinning speed or road bike racing speed.  Now, think about your commute.  If you commute 10 miles each way to work, 20 miles per day, and you bike - you burn 1000 calories a day!!! Holy moly.

3) Peddling saves the planet.
Did you know that utilizing 1 gallon of gas in an average car emits 19.4 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere?  The average car holds about 12 gallons of gas in the tank.  So, that means that every tank of gas used emits 256.8 pounds of carbon into the air.  Guess how many pounds of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere by biking? Zero (with the exception of the carbon emitted through burning the food you eat).

One last cool note and a challenge for you:

Did you know that 50% of all trips are made to locations within 1 mile of your home?  That is a 7 minute bike ride!!  Why do you need to drive?!

I challenge you to go to google maps, put in your address and print out out your neighborhood.  Draw a circle around your house, going 1 mile out in all directions.  Now, once a week, bike to any location that you need to get too within your 1 mile radius.  It's the 1 mile solution!!

I bet you save money and find new, fun neighborhood spots!

Happy peddling!



P.S. LA peeps, this is a cool biking website!

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  1. I missed this one yesterday! That website is pretty cool! Thanks for finding it!