Monday, October 31, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - The Living Christmas Tree!

Image Source: Living Christmas
This is the tree we ordered!  Little needle drop-age and super pine-smelly!
Being the forward-looking person that I am, I celebrated Halloween this weekend and am already moving forward to other holiday plans today. (Virgo, much?!)

For this Mother Earth Monday, I thought I would share a WONDERFULLY earth-friendly company and idea with you all, The Living Christmas Tree.  This SoCal based company raises Christmas trees year round and allows you to rent a live tree for up to 5 weeks during the holiday season.  It doesn't cost much more than the tree you purchase at a tree lot (about $100 for rental and delivery of the tree) and with a little watering and TLC, you get to save a life (tree life) and help earth too!  And, I hope you read the word delivery in my above sentence, because we all know what a PAIN tying the tree to roof of the car can be.  That pain is eliminated with the Living Christmas Tree because little "elves" bring it right to your doorstep and teach you how to care for the tree while its in your home. How adorable, holiday-spirited, and helpful!

Additional awesomeness to the living Christmas tree:
  • The tree is alive, so the holiday scent of live pine fills your home all season!
  • Just as the elves drop the tree off, they pick it up! No pesky take down and drag out to worry about.
  • You have the option to "adopt" your tree and have your same tree delivered for the holiday season year in and year out!  Now THAT is a family tradition.
  • Taking family pictures with your tree is encouraged by the company = super fun!

The Living Christmas Tree Company in SoCal is still excepting orders, so if you are down with the idea, I would put my order in quick!  If you aren't a SoCal local, this website lists companies / farms by state that provide living Christmas trees!

Happy Halloween / Holidays!



P.S. Starbucks is serving their Thanksgiving blend today (which isn't officially available until tomorrow).  If you love smoky, intense brews run get some today!  It's yummy!


  1. What if it dies while in your care? What if the cats tear it up? Is it insured?

  2. If it dies while in your care then you have to pay a fee, but it won't! And I will keep the kitties away with my water gun! I guess that is a bit of a risk, but worth it we think!xo