Monday, October 17, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - Boo!-tiful Ways To Use Your Pumpkins

Image Source: Burts Farm
Chris and I are heading to our local pumpkin patch tonight to pick out our pumpkins for the season!  I am super excited.  We are going to carve them as our date night this Friday.

If you use the pumpkin correctly (carve, seeds, filling, etc.), its actually Earth-friendly since you aren't wasting food!  Also, obviously its even more Earth-friendly if you buy your pumpkins from a local farm.

Here are my Top 5 suggestions as to how you can use your pumpkin fully, not letting any part go to waste:
1) Decoration!  This one is a given.  Check out this pumpkin eye candy.  So pretty!
2) Carving! Another super fun given.  Isn't this cool?!
3) Seeds - YUM!  Here is my favorite recipe (I add a bit of cayenne and black pepper for kick).
4) Ravioli - fantastico!  Recipe here.
5) Pumpkin Pie. I die.  Perfect fall dessert or breakfast! (Yes, I said breakfast!)  Look at these mini pies!

Also, did you know you can use these to keep your pumpkin fresh?!  Pretty awesome, huh?!

Yay fall!  Yay pumpkins! Yay Earth!



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