Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love...With...

Image Source: Glitter Guide
...these DIY shadow boxes turned necklace holders!
I have been looking for a pretty way to hang my pretty jewels!  Don't you just LOVE this idea?!

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess
...this DIY fabric candelier.  Tutorial here!

Isn't this adorbs?!  I have a blank wall in my bedroom and I'm thinking it might be fun to try to use this as some horizontal, wall decoration inspiration!


I don't know about you, but I am totally down with preventing wrinkles without being injected with snake poison (I am sure to quite sure we are going to find out in 20 years that botox is the devil), having my face sliced open, or doing any other weird thing!  Check out this book!

Image Source: Google - unknown
...Halloween Costumes!

I definitely didn't give Chris and my costume away with this picture, right?! ;) Did you know that this is our first year dressing up together?!  I am so excited.  We may have learned a song to go with our costume?!?!!!! exciting!

What are your Halloween plans, lovelies?  Staying in all cozy with pumpkins, pizza and Hocus Pocus? (Why does that movie NEVER get old?!)  Dressing up and painting the town orange?!  Whatever you do, I hope its with those you love!



P.S. This article is pretty cool!  7 ways to detox your home!
P.S.S I crossed the 100 postings line yesterday!  Thank you all for reading and supporting my little bloggy blog!  If you think any of your friends would enjoy a daily dose, please share with them! xoxo

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