Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feel Good Wednesday - Pumpkins = Happiness

Does anything make you feel better than pure, kid-like excitement?  
(Kinda like that seen in the face above?)  I didn't think so!  
So, for today's Feel Good post, I am going to share Chris and my most recent pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving and pumpkin decorating adventures.

Our local pumpkin patch had all kinds of pumpkins....some were strange...

...Some were little...

..some were flat.  There were many shades of orange!

Some of the pumpkins looked super similar!

They had these really fun pop up pictures!  Chris was a pirate.

Being the pumpkin lover I am, I was a pumpkin!

I found my pumpkin!!!!

Once we got our pumpkins home, it was time to set up for Halloween! 
(Isn't this sign sooo cute?!  Especially since my pet name for Chris is "grumpy"!)

Our pumpkins all happy on our bench.

The rest of the decor, pre-carving.

Carving starts....

...and continues!

 Pumpkin guts...ewwwww....

Final product  = a ghost and a polka dot!

The finale to our pumpkin party were pumpkin seeds for roasting and pumpkin insides which have been made into ravioli!

What do you think, lovelies?!  Do pumpkins make you feel oh-so-good?!  If you haven't done your carving just yet, this post last week covered some fun carving ideas!  This one describes ways to use every bit of your pumpkin!

I have an exciting new *weekend* series starting this weekend!  Check back to hear from my guest poster!



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