Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feel Good Wednesday - Falling For Apples

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Not only are apples super delicious, but they are also incredibly good for you.  We all know the old saying "an apple a day .....".  Guess what?!  There really is some merit to that!

I did a little research into all of the health benefits that apples have to offer and thought you would find the below list interesting.  The main benefits of apples come from the pectin stored in the cell walls of the fruit.

  • Apple pectin is super fibrous and aids in digestion.
  • The pectin is an antioxidant that has been shown to help lower cholesterol in the blood stream.
  • Pectin has also been shown to aid in the prevention of colon cancer, ulcers, gallstones, and diabetes!
  • Pectin is used in throat lozenges as a demulcent. (That is a polite way of saying it prevents that gross mucus film that covers your throat when you are sick or eat dairy when you are allergic to it!) Great info. for teachers, speakers, or performers!
  • Pectin is a natural remedy to nausea.

Do you know what I love most about all this new apple information?!  Its apple season!  I can find fresh, local apples everywhere.

Did you know all this awesome info. about apples?  Are you so excited?!

Check out this not so healthy but delicious great use for apples! YUM!!!



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