Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Core Fusion & Chai Shortbread Cookies!

Lovelies, I am super excited to share some news with you!  Today, I begin Core Fusion teacher training at Exhale Spa!  For 16 weeks, I will train in 5 different classes offered by Exhale: Core Fusion, Core Fusion Cardio, Core Fusion Yoga, Core Fusion Sport and Core Fusion Bootcamp!  I am so excited to share my love of health, fitness, and the mind-body connection through teaching.

For those of you not familiar with Exhale or Core Fusion, you should definitely visit the website and if there is a location near you.....run there!  You won't get a better workout anywhere.  Trust me.

Stay tuned for my training adventures, and if you live in LA and would like to volunteer to practice with me while I am in training, leave me a comment!  I would love to work with you!

I figured that since today's post involves exercise, it should also involve a delicious, fall cookie recipe.  After all, my favorite life motto is Detox, retox!! hehe. 

I found the recipe in Cooking Light a few years back and finally made them.  Yummy and not too bad for you!  Love that combo!

The ingredients are super simple and I love, love, love the use of cardamon, cloves and black pepper!  Talk about flavor. 

 Don't the spices make what would be a normal, boring bowl of flour and salt look rather pretty?!

 Mix it up, Max.  Mix it up, Max.

Be sure to do the step of chilling the dough.  Many times, I try to skip this step, but it would be a total disaster with these cookies. Chilling holds them together while you slice.

Yum + done!  The perfect, flavorful, fall cookie. 

Don't you love to think about exercise & cookies at the same time?!  I do!




  1. Awesome! What a wonderful first thing to read in the am. I love you, Lindsey!

  2. FUN, wish I could work with you! ;-( And thanks for the recipe- those look DELISH. Can't wait to make them! xoxo