Thursday, October 6, 2011

Black Cat Audition

Image Source: unknown
I saw this picture yesterday and could not wait to share! The image is of a the line of people awaiting a black cat audition in the early 60s.

I love the guy taking the photo while standing in line. And, how about the sunglasses on the lady with the plaid, pencil skirt?!

Side note, Miles, my black kitty, was perched in a window two days ago and a few little neighbor kids came by, saw him there, and were CERTAIN that he was the black Halloween cat.  Isn't that so precious?!  They plastered their faces against the window (kinda strange), which made Miles arch his back (he was scared!), confirming to the kiddos that this was THE Halloween kitty. 

I think that incidient may have also inspired this post.

Are you excited for Halloween, lovelies?  Any big plans?  What will you dress as?  Do you love cats?  What about black cats?  Are your superstitious?



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