Monday, September 12, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - Recycled Produce Bags!

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As you all know, Santa Monica instituted a no-plastic-bag and you-must-pay-$.10-for-a-paper-bag law in all grocery stores. (Go, Santa Monica!)  However, while shopping last night, I realized that plastic produce bags are still very much available (even at Whole Foods).  What the what?!

This got me to thinking that I should start a bring-your-own-produce-bag movement!

One of my favorite websites has these awesome recycled produce bags!

What do you think, lovelies?  Are you on board with this movement?  How much easier and earth-friendly will these make your shopping?  Are you already using reusable produce bags?!

Happy Mother Earth Monday!



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  1. I don't use produce bags... I've never really understood why I would need to keep everything separated. Of course, I usually buy my produce at the farmer's market and they charge me by the bag, not by the individual pieces, anyway. ;-) But yes, it seems silly that people would put their produce in plastic and then the plastic into their reusable bags... doesn't it?