Monday, September 26, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - Happy Wrapping!

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My birthday last week got me to thinking about how incredibly bad for the Earth gift wrapping can be.  Think about it.... tissue, bags, wrapping paper, etc.........hardly any of this wrapping is recycled.

This led me to pondering about Earth-friendly gift wrapping, which led me to these images!

Hostess gift of wine wrapped in a dish towel = genius and a double gift!

Baby shower gift wrapped in a baby blanket, and a baby book as a card = triple gift and adorable!

You could make gifting even more Earth-friendly by buying local, organic, recycled or even second-hand gifts to be wrapped.  I guess second hand maybe wouldn't work for the wine?

What do you think, lovelies?  Would you give gifts with no wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags?  Do you already use recycled gift wrapping?  Newspapers, by chance?

Happy Monday!



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