Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To Host A Brunch Party

Brunch parties are 100% my very favorite type of party to host.  People are bright and awake, the sun is sun-shiny and you have ample clean up time when the party is over. Additionally, brunch parties tend to bring out a little more of a laid-back feeling in everyone, so the details of hosting a brunch party are a little different than that of a cocktail or evening affair.

I figured that sharing my go-to steps for hosting a brunch party would be fun, since I hosted a little brunch gathering on Saturday.

Here are my brunch party steps:

Step One: Fresh, fun flowers make the house. 

On Saturday, I placed a bright, yellow rose plant (such a sweet hostess gift) as the centerpiece for my table.  Picture above.

These red roses were placed in 3 different sized and shaped vases to add a little whimsy to the right side of the living room.

Dyed daisies were mixed with adorable pumpkin branches (another lovely hostess gift), to add some fall-fun to the left side of the living room.  I did not light candles as I would have for an evening party, because the sun and lights provided all the ambiance we needed!

This sunflower bouquet (hostess gift) was quickly placed in a vase and set out to be enjoyed.

Step Two: Make the food fun! And, don't forget bacon. (Even if you, like me, are a vegetarian.)  Nothing makes a house and a brunch party, like the smell of bacon!

 Daisy eggs = fun.

 Cast iron skillet made bacon = fun

Home-made cinnamon rolls for dessert = fun!
I also made a big salad and quiche, which are yummy and kinda fun!

Step Three: Never let your guest's drinks run dry.

I think a good addition to this step is to also always offer Mimosas and Bloody Marys. 
They are, after all, the staple drinks of brunch.

Step Four: Dress casual chic.  It's day time, so you want to look pulled together, but not too stuffy!

 I paired a fun stripe top & print scarf with leaf earrings (go fall!) and a casual pony tail.

Step Five: This step is true for day and evening parties.  Make sure to take a few minutes between being a great host / hostess to spend time with your significant host or hostess. :)

Hosting parties together should be a fun (not stressful) experience.

Happy Thursday!




  1. As usual..... love it! Great ideas and good inspiration!

  2. Cute! Was this your birthday party? Hope your birthday was smashing! xoxo

  3. Yes, Lauryl! 26 + a brunch party! xoxo