Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Kitchen Menu

During our first year of home ownership, Chris and I learned many lessons. 

One, when you own your place, the grime coming out of the bath tub, is your problem (gross). 
Two, a broken heater in the dead of winter (albeit the harsh Santa Monica winter of maybe 50 degrees), is your problem. 
Three, a leaking dishwasher and dealing with the home owner's insurance people, is your problem.

One lesson that I didn't really foresee learning, was that living across the street from the local farmer's market and over-buying fresh, local, organic (and often times not that long-lasting) food was also our problem.

Early in our home-owing adventure we got in the habit of stocking up at the farmer's market on Saturdays.  Every week, we would find great, beautiful, delicious produce, buy it, and stick it in the fridge with grand plans to make elaborate, healthy meals.  We also got into the habit of forgetting what meals we had planned, why we purchased certain foods, and then throwing a ton out because it had gone bad.  Seeing as how I try my very best avoid wastefulness, I became totally fed up with this process of food buying / wasting.

So, we came up with a solution! A kitchen menu board.

We knew we wanted something that would go with our Italian-ish styled kitchen and something that we would use over and over again.  Paper menus stuck to the fridge with a magnet simply wouldn't cut it.  Thus, a chalkboard menu!

This was super simple to make in 5 easy steps!

1) Head to your local hardware store.  Pick up some wood (I grabbed a piece of cheap scrap wood) and have it cut to meet your size / spacial needs.  Also, pick up some chalkboard paint, white paint (if you want to use permanent paint for your days / letters), and picture hanging hardware.
2) Paint your wood with chalk board paint and let it dry overnight.
3) Paint the days of the week or letters on your chalkboard.  Or, you could just write them with chalk
4)Pre chalk your menu, around the permanent paint. (Rub chalk all over the surface and then erase).
5) Attach the picture hanging hardware.

Done! (And, it cost about $15!!)

I haven't had a chance to frame my chalkboard yet, but plan to do it.  I think framing will be a nice finishing touch!

Happy crafting!


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  1. This is a great idea! While I always planned "in my head" as you so aptly described, having it written down is so much better. Love it, as usual!