Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee Table, Me oh My

Image Source: unknown
Next on my list of home decorating woes (remember my bedroom decorating woes?), is my coffee table.

My coffee table looks very similar to the one above (booorrrrrring....I know.)  And, you know what, I never really realized the effect that a coffee table can have on a living space until recently.

Since I have realized this effect, everytime I look at my boring, wooden coffee table, it makes me feel like my entire living room is boring which is sooo not the case!  I mean, how can a room with exposed brick, an iron rod gate, bright orange walls, art gallore, and a leopard printed rug possibly be boring?  Cozy, yes.  Playful, yes. Boring, no.  But, somehow the boring coffee table makes the whole room seem boring.

So, lovelies, today I am sharing my coffee table inspiration and looking to you for ideas on how I should solve my problem!

Image Source: diyideas.com
Should I do a sweet paint job with my current coffee table, and keep my living room feeling cozy & playful?

Image Source: shopurbanhome.com

Should I keep the wood, but change it up a little with a glass top?

Image Source: unknown

Should I sacvange out a sweet vintage window / door / pallet / etc. and DIY a rockin-awesome coffee table?

Image Source: unknown
Should I try to find a round, traditional table to step up the class factor in my space?

Image Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Should I look for a totally unique, make-the-room piece?

Image Source: cb2.com

Or should I go with something that has a modern twist?

Holy moly, me oh my.....the choices!

What do you think?!




  1. So long as you don't ask your husband to make you one...:)

  2. New legs, tile grouted on top.... paint? Put your extremely creative brains to work.

    Birthday girl tomorrow! I love you so much!

  3. What a fun post! I love the chalkboard idea and the vintage window. And thanks for opening me up to diyideas.com too. I can't get off that site this morning. ooox.

  4. I love the chalkboard table! Too cute.