Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bedroom Decorating Woes

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Lovelies, do you find your bedrooms hard to decorate? 

The bedroom needs to be a space where you can rest, love, sleep, be inspired to dress yourself every day...the list goes on and on.  The bedroom plays so many important roles in our lives and I have to be honest and say, I have been totally stuck on how to decorate my space for going on 1.5 years.

On top of the the theme of the space (mine have ranged from gray & modern to all white to my current idea, romantic and traditional red, pink or purple), you also have to think about color and feng shui!

White = perfection and innocence (nice except...hmmmm...innocence in the bedroom?..I see BORING all over that) hehe

Gray = peaceful resolution to conflict (I guess not too terrible, but I don't even want the word conflict in the bedroom, let alone the color of my space meaning anything to do with conflict!)

Red = warmth, strength, happiness and fame (Getting closer.....but what guy is going to go for red in the bedroom?)

Pink = love, love, love. A pure feeling of romance, happiness, joy, and sensuality (PERFECT, but, pink, really?  That's even worse than red for a dude.)

Purple = nobility, powerfully rich and fortunate (I don't see how any of those words are right for the bedroom. Okay, maybe nobility.  But, that's it!)

Green = Tranquility, hope, aliveness (positive, but none of that is too sexy, right?)

Blue = 2 meanings, new growth and spring AND mourning (what the what? mourning in the bedroom?)

Arg!  See, my dilemma?!

Well, I have decided that decorating my bedroom is the next styling project I am going to take on in our house.  Its time. No more procrastination  Before pics and after pics....coming soon.



P.S. The pics above are a few of my inspiration pictures.  I hope for romantic, traditional to meet acceptable-for-my-huz.  Fingers crossed!

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