Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love .....With...

Image Source: Glitter Guide

Image Source: Glitter Guide
....these 1940s hair and makeup tutorials.

I am going to a wedding next Saturday and am totally embodying a vintage 1940s look in my outfit, hair, and makeup.  So, when I saw these tutorials on Glitter Guide, of course they made it to the list of things I am in love with this week.  I JUST LOVE how 1940s style is back and all over the runways for the fall and 2012.  Our grandmas and great-grandmas had killer style, if you ask me!

Image Source: Flickr
.....the changing seasons.

This morning truly feels like fall in LA.  There is a little crispness to the air, the scent of fallen leaves surrounded me while I was heading to my car, and I saw that a few of my neighbors have joined me in displaying pumpkins. (I think I may have jumped the gun a little with my fall decor coming out over Labor Day weeked.  Hehe.)  Also, how pretty would leaves lined up like those above look in a frame?!  It would totally had a pop of color, nature, and fall to your home.

Image Source: easy DIY to take a wooden tray from drab to fab!

Modge Podge really does rock.  I have the perfect paper to spice up my wooden tray. 

Image Source: unknown
...stripes in the bathroom.

I am just dying over the idea of stripes in my bathroom.  I feel like its hard to give a boutique feel to bathrooms.  Most are stark white so that they appear clean, and with the moisture created by the shower, its hard to spice the space up with art.  Stripes totally solve this problem!  In my case, I think I will opt for a shade 1-2x darker than the off-white I currently have. It will add dimension and Chris will find the color acceptable. (I am pretty positive that he will not go for bold in the bathroom!)

Happy Friday, Lovelies!

Do you have any big plans this weekend (the first that really truly feels like fall, in my neck of the woods anyway!)?

Chris and I are throwing a fund raiser tomorrow to benefit the Alzheimer's Association.  If you are interested in donating, click here.  I will have pictures up next week of my decor and the food!  Check back!

Sunday, will be full of football and changing my welcome bench from fall to Halloween!  I am so excited.

See you next week!



Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To Host A Brunch Party

Brunch parties are 100% my very favorite type of party to host.  People are bright and awake, the sun is sun-shiny and you have ample clean up time when the party is over. Additionally, brunch parties tend to bring out a little more of a laid-back feeling in everyone, so the details of hosting a brunch party are a little different than that of a cocktail or evening affair.

I figured that sharing my go-to steps for hosting a brunch party would be fun, since I hosted a little brunch gathering on Saturday.

Here are my brunch party steps:

Step One: Fresh, fun flowers make the house. 

On Saturday, I placed a bright, yellow rose plant (such a sweet hostess gift) as the centerpiece for my table.  Picture above.

These red roses were placed in 3 different sized and shaped vases to add a little whimsy to the right side of the living room.

Dyed daisies were mixed with adorable pumpkin branches (another lovely hostess gift), to add some fall-fun to the left side of the living room.  I did not light candles as I would have for an evening party, because the sun and lights provided all the ambiance we needed!

This sunflower bouquet (hostess gift) was quickly placed in a vase and set out to be enjoyed.

Step Two: Make the food fun! And, don't forget bacon. (Even if you, like me, are a vegetarian.)  Nothing makes a house and a brunch party, like the smell of bacon!

 Daisy eggs = fun.

 Cast iron skillet made bacon = fun

Home-made cinnamon rolls for dessert = fun!
I also made a big salad and quiche, which are yummy and kinda fun!

Step Three: Never let your guest's drinks run dry.

I think a good addition to this step is to also always offer Mimosas and Bloody Marys. 
They are, after all, the staple drinks of brunch.

Step Four: Dress casual chic.  It's day time, so you want to look pulled together, but not too stuffy!

 I paired a fun stripe top & print scarf with leaf earrings (go fall!) and a casual pony tail.

Step Five: This step is true for day and evening parties.  Make sure to take a few minutes between being a great host / hostess to spend time with your significant host or hostess. :)

Hosting parties together should be a fun (not stressful) experience.

Happy Thursday!



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Dress Love

Image Source:
Love the shape.  Love the ripple effect.  Love the tulle-like bottom.  Love the teeny wist.  Love the top cut. Love modern meets vintage meets princess meets glamour.  Love, love, love this dress.

I imagine this beauty with bright red lips, donning an engagement ring like this while gliding through her museum reception. 

What do you imagine?  Do you love this dress like I do?

Happy Planning, lovelies!



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Kitchen Menu

During our first year of home ownership, Chris and I learned many lessons. 

One, when you own your place, the grime coming out of the bath tub, is your problem (gross). 
Two, a broken heater in the dead of winter (albeit the harsh Santa Monica winter of maybe 50 degrees), is your problem. 
Three, a leaking dishwasher and dealing with the home owner's insurance people, is your problem.

One lesson that I didn't really foresee learning, was that living across the street from the local farmer's market and over-buying fresh, local, organic (and often times not that long-lasting) food was also our problem.

Early in our home-owing adventure we got in the habit of stocking up at the farmer's market on Saturdays.  Every week, we would find great, beautiful, delicious produce, buy it, and stick it in the fridge with grand plans to make elaborate, healthy meals.  We also got into the habit of forgetting what meals we had planned, why we purchased certain foods, and then throwing a ton out because it had gone bad.  Seeing as how I try my very best avoid wastefulness, I became totally fed up with this process of food buying / wasting.

So, we came up with a solution! A kitchen menu board.

We knew we wanted something that would go with our Italian-ish styled kitchen and something that we would use over and over again.  Paper menus stuck to the fridge with a magnet simply wouldn't cut it.  Thus, a chalkboard menu!

This was super simple to make in 5 easy steps!

1) Head to your local hardware store.  Pick up some wood (I grabbed a piece of cheap scrap wood) and have it cut to meet your size / spacial needs.  Also, pick up some chalkboard paint, white paint (if you want to use permanent paint for your days / letters), and picture hanging hardware.
2) Paint your wood with chalk board paint and let it dry overnight.
3) Paint the days of the week or letters on your chalkboard.  Or, you could just write them with chalk
4)Pre chalk your menu, around the permanent paint. (Rub chalk all over the surface and then erase).
5) Attach the picture hanging hardware.

Done! (And, it cost about $15!!)

I haven't had a chance to frame my chalkboard yet, but plan to do it.  I think framing will be a nice finishing touch!

Happy crafting!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - Happy Wrapping!

Image Source: unknown

Image Source:

My birthday last week got me to thinking about how incredibly bad for the Earth gift wrapping can be.  Think about it.... tissue, bags, wrapping paper, etc.........hardly any of this wrapping is recycled.

This led me to pondering about Earth-friendly gift wrapping, which led me to these images!

Hostess gift of wine wrapped in a dish towel = genius and a double gift!

Baby shower gift wrapped in a baby blanket, and a baby book as a card = triple gift and adorable!

You could make gifting even more Earth-friendly by buying local, organic, recycled or even second-hand gifts to be wrapped.  I guess second hand maybe wouldn't work for the wine?

What do you think, lovelies?  Would you give gifts with no wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags?  Do you already use recycled gift wrapping?  Newspapers, by chance?

Happy Monday!



Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love...With... fall welcome bench!
Dahlias, squash, pumpkins, leaves, grape wreath (click here for the tutorial).
 Happy fall!!!

Image Source: Veranda
...this home office setup!
Wallpaper, you had me at hello.

Image Source:
..this DIY camera bag tutorial.
I have been searching for a solution to looking like a hobo tourist with my huge camera!

Image Source:
...this DIY crystal necklace tutorial.
Yes, yes, yes. AMAZING.

Image Source:
...this DIY log slice table tutorial.
Do you think Chris will allow 2 of these in our house?  Taking bets, now!

Happy (officially) Fall, lovelies!

What are you doing this weekend to kick of the season?!

I'm having a little birthday brunch tomorrow, complete with a pancake birthday cake (yippie!) and plan to spend Sunday doing a little nesting and DIY projects. Entertaining + crafting = my favorite kind of weekend!

Enjoy the crisp (hopefully), fall air this weekend!



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mrs. 26 + A Birthday Wish!

Start To 26 = Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Present!

Lovelies, today is my 26th birthday! Wowzers!  How did this happen?  I guess with a wedding, a honeymoon and everything in between, it makes sense that 25 and the first quarter of life flew by!

I am definitely one of those "birthday" people.  I firmly believe that September 22nd is the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  But, in my defense, it is the first day of fall (even if the calendar says fall is tomorrow, its today, and will be September 22nd as long as I'm alive).  Who doesn't LOVE the first day of fall?! 

I wasn't sure if I should do a birthday post because its kinda vain, but I figured that since this is a birthday with many firsts, I would post to share those firsts because they are fun, and because, why not?!

This is my first birthday as a Mrs.  Which is pretty awesome / weird. 
This is my first birthday as a wife! Which is wonderful / amazing! 
This is my first birthday with a sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  Which is awesome / awesome! (More cards and presents and love in my life!)
This is my first birthday as a Core Fusion teacher. (Well, teacher-in-training).  Which is rad / wonderful!
This is my first birthday with a joint credit card.  Which is dangerous (hehe) / awesome!
This is my first birthday on the slippery side of my 20s! Which is super weird / exciting!

Lastly, and part of my birthday wish:

This is my first birthday as a blog writer.  Which is amazing / awesome.

My birthday wish is for you, my lovely readers, to please click "Join this site" over on the right hand side of the page under the "About Me" section and become a follower!  You will have put in a little information, but nothing more personal than your name and email address and I PROMISE you won't get slammed with emails!  Having followers makes blog writing more fun and gives me motivation to keep on, keepin on. 

So, please, please make my birthday wish come true, become a follower, and share my blog with your friends too!

Do you love your birthday?  Do you hate it?  What's your favorite way to celebrate?  How was 26 for you?  What do you hope it will bring, if you aren't there yet?!



P.S. Today is NasmasDAY. (How lucky am I)?!  Check out your local yoga studio, I bet they are offering free classes today!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Flower Market Love!

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Lovelies!  I saw this New York, vintage flower market inspired wedding on GreenWedding Shoes last week and could NOT WAIT to post a few images for Wedding Wednesday. 

How gorgeous are those centerpieces?! swoonnnnnn.  How awesome is that monogrammed topiary on the back of the bride's chair?! rrraaaadddd!!

I think my most favorite element of all is the bottom picture.  The genius bride (possibly bride & groom) decided that the favors would be DIY bouquets for the guests to take home!  What a fun, creative, scented, happy take home.

What do you think?  Would you do a flower market themed wedding?  Do you love the idea of DIY favors? (Chris and I did them too!)  Can you imagine how delicious your ceremony and reception would smell?!  OMG!



P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday, lovelies!  I'll be 26!  I have a super fun post planned!  Come visit!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee Table, Me oh My

Image Source: unknown
Next on my list of home decorating woes (remember my bedroom decorating woes?), is my coffee table.

My coffee table looks very similar to the one above (booorrrrrring....I know.)  And, you know what, I never really realized the effect that a coffee table can have on a living space until recently.

Since I have realized this effect, everytime I look at my boring, wooden coffee table, it makes me feel like my entire living room is boring which is sooo not the case!  I mean, how can a room with exposed brick, an iron rod gate, bright orange walls, art gallore, and a leopard printed rug possibly be boring?  Cozy, yes.  Playful, yes. Boring, no.  But, somehow the boring coffee table makes the whole room seem boring.

So, lovelies, today I am sharing my coffee table inspiration and looking to you for ideas on how I should solve my problem!

Image Source:
Should I do a sweet paint job with my current coffee table, and keep my living room feeling cozy & playful?

Image Source:

Should I keep the wood, but change it up a little with a glass top?

Image Source: unknown

Should I sacvange out a sweet vintage window / door / pallet / etc. and DIY a rockin-awesome coffee table?

Image Source: unknown
Should I try to find a round, traditional table to step up the class factor in my space?

Image Source:

Should I look for a totally unique, make-the-room piece?

Image Source:

Or should I go with something that has a modern twist?

Holy moly, me oh my.....the choices!

What do you think?!



Monday, September 19, 2011

Mother Earh Monday - LovingEco Is AWESOME!

Lovelies, for today's Mother Earth Monday post, I thought I would share this AWESOME website.

LovingEco does daily discounts on eco-friendly and healthy products and brands.  You can find everything from recycled jewelry to vegan and organic skin care products to organic clothing...the list goes on and on. Bonus! Everything on this site is super fashion-forward.  Its nothing like your typical granola-eating, tree-hugging eco site (although I happen to love those as well!).

More! They donate 3% of all proceeds towards a social or sustainable cause.

What's not to love about LovingEco?!  Do you already visit LovingEco?

Check it out!



Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love....With....

Image Source:
...this Sweet Corn Ceviche Recipe!
No dairy, no animal, just straight up veggies, herbs and goodness.  Great, late summer side.

Image Source:
...this head scarf tutorial.
I found an awesome, gorgeous, vintage scarf a few weeks back and just couldn't resist buying it. 
Now, I know what to do with it other than stare at it everyday!

Image Source:
....these early fall, open faced sammies!
Recipe: Toast a few pieces of delicious bread.  Top with arugula, cheese of your choice (the above is ricotta, but I think goat would be delicious) and berries. 
Drizzle with EVOO. Done + yummm!

Image Source:
....hanging dried Eucalyptus on a bare wall.
Solution to one of my bedroom decorating problems?!  I think so!!

Image Sourcce: unknown
....drum roll for this one.....

Lovelies, its true!!!

My awesome, amazing, loving, awesome, way cool, rock star, handsome, did I mention AWESOME? husband got us two I am so excited I could pee my pants VIP tickets to see my most favoritest of favorite groups in concert for my 26th birthday! (Which is next Thursday!)  Tomorrow, we will head to San Bernadino (with every one of their albums on hand to prepare) to sing our hearts out with Rascal Flatts.  

Did you all know that I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version (played by a dear friend) of "Bless the Broken Road?"  Did you also know that I am PRAYING to the universe that they will somehow know its my birthday and sing to me?!  Not likely, but you can't stop a serial optimist from being hopeful!

I literally have chills just thinking about the concert and can't wait to share pictures next week.

Other than the concert, Chris and I will be making some delicious food (probably both recipes above) and I have some other DIY projects in store (camera bag and a crystal necklace from tutorials I found online this week).

What are you doing this weekend?  Enjoying fall weather?  Has your local pumpkin patch opened?

Whatever you plan to do, I hope to do it with those you love, in great, fall style! ;)



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daisy Egg Fry Rings

Image Source:
Aren't these the cutest egg rings ever?!  I didn't even know such a thing existed!  My birthday is a week from today (26 years young!) and I am having a brunch party to celebrate.  Daisy eggs will definitely be on the menu along with some fun champagne cocktails, of course!

When I tried to order these from from Williams Sonoma, I found that they aren't available. :(

Not to worry, lovelies.  If you, like me, must have daisy egg fry rings, I found these on Amazon!Yippie!



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Stylin' Grooms

Image Source:
Brides always get the spotlight when it comes to weddings.  It seems as though nearly every  wedding magazine I pick up is directed towards the bride and the jerk in the suit next to her.  I never really understood that while I was planning my wedding, because these days grooms are just too damn cute to be left out or brushed aside. 

Take a look at the groom above!  Suspenders, darling khaki, crisp white, that newsboy cap! Are you kidding me?!

So, today my wedding Wednesday post is dedicated to you, dear grooms, and your fab. style!

Image Source:
Love, loving the top hat as the twist from traditional!

Image Source:
Love this take on semi-formal.  See the teeny polka dots on his tie?!

Image Source:
Cowboy awesomeness. 
Even the little glimpse of that belt, and those super-starched slacks make me smile. :)

Image Source:
Bow tie and sweater amazingness, right?!

Image Source:

I. just. die.
Blue shirts, tan top hats, groom-only suspenders.

Image Source: Lauryl Lane

And, of course, you can never go wrong with simply timeless and traditional. 
But, I may be just a little biased regarding this guy's attire. ;)

What do you think, lovelies?  Should men's wear be made more of a big deal in the wedding planning process?  Is your groom just as obsessed as you are / were about what he will wear?! (Chris sure was, obviously!)

Happy Planning!