Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wine Pairing - Puntarella Salad With Gavi Di Gavi

One of my main goals of this past weekend was to accomplish a very favorite weekend past-time of mine, preparing and enjoying a Wine Spectator wine pairing meal.  I was particularly excited when I flipped to the back of my latest issue and saw that the dish recommended was a light salad consisting of curly endive lettuce, Parmesan and a delicious peeled tomato and anchovy dressing.  Even more exciting, the wine was not only something I had never tried before, but something I had never heard of - Gavi Di Gavi!

We couldn't find the recommended label when we went shopping for our wine, but we did find two Gavi Di Gavi options and we went with what seemed to be the best.  I was so excited / nervous to try a new white wine.  I never know if its going to be too sweet (I am a dry white wine girl) or not, thus the nervous part!

Gavi Di Gavi is an Italian White Wine.  In fact, it is the standard "bianco" consumed with meals.  It hails from the Piedmont area and per Wine Intro, "tends to have a straw color and a neutral, mild aroma. It is typically very acidic, dry and balanced."

My notes on Gavi di Gavi: RUN TO THE STORE AND BUY ALL OF THIS WINE YOU CAN FIND.  It is so incredibly smooth, satiny, dry, easy-to-drink and perfect.  Gavi Di Gavi has pummeled Sauvignon Blanc and Grunner Veltliner and is now reining champion as my most favorite of favorite wines.
The Gavi Di Gavi paired with our light and easy salad was absolutely magical.  The smoothness and texture of the anchovy dressing was well-matched with the satiny-delicious flavor of the wine.

Have you ever tried Gavi Di Gavi?  What do you pair it with?  What is your favorite wine pairing?!



P.S. If you want to try this at home and have any questions, leave me a comment or email me!


  1. One of the most balanced whites I have ever tasted.

  2. This makes me feel a little dumb... I've never even heard of Gavi Di Gavi. Haha! Thanks for the education- I'm adding the Gavi Di Gavi to my shopping list! xo