Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Let's Talk About Cake

Image Source: Unknown
I am not a big sweets gal.  Neither is my husband.  However, we knew that for our wedding we just HAD to have something for everyone in the cake area.  We decided to go with a teeny 4" cutting cake for us (you will see it was dahllling) and mini cupcakes of all different wine-infused flavors for our guests.  We were so happy with our decision, although I almost jumped for a replica of the above cake.  I thought it would be such a nice touch to go with my lovely-lace dress.

Here are some other cool cakes I found around the web.

Image Source: Martha Stewart
I so love the idea of different cake colors and flavors!  Why not mix it up and make all your guests happy?!

Image Source: Lauryl wedding!
See the teeny cupcakes behind?!
I just died for this bunting.  Isn't it sooooo precious.  Especially since our entire decor kinda revolved around the back-yard party, bunting theme.

Image Source: Martha Stewart
How sweet are these matching mini cakes?!  Everyone could have their very own and it could match your cutting cake!  Love this idea.

Image Source:
That wooden topper is soooo cute.  Don't you think?!  And I love the decadence of the chocolate and strawberry cake on the right.

This pattern is soooo awesome.  I can't stand it.

Image Source:
 Can't go wrong with a cupcake tower.  Ever.

Image Source:
Be still my lavender-loving heart.  Be still.

Image Source: unknown.
This is just totally awesome.  A Rice Krispy treat cake?!  What the what?!

What are you planning for your cake, my dears?  Small, big? One flavor, many flavors?  Cupcakes?  Rice Krispy treat cakes?!  Home made?  Using a bakery?  Tell me!

Happy Planning!



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