Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Honeymoon Dreams

I came across this image this morning and couldn't help but share. Its so sweet.  I love that the girl is on her tippy toes, the vintage luggage, the map, the fact that their necks make a sort-of-heart, I love the two images cropped together.....I love the whole thing.  It immediately made of think about the excitement surrounding a couple when they embark on their honeymoon!  Brand new rings, brand new name, brand new life, and travels.  Honeymoon's are awesome! 

Below are a few more pictures to rev your honeymoon & travel-in-general engines.

 Shut up on the color, huge soaking tub, and beach view.

 You. are. kidding.  REALLY?!

 Love this picture because it is VERY similar to my honeymoon experience in Vancouver.  xoxox

 Venice, Venice, how I love thee.  How awesome would it be to boat to your honeymoon suite?!

 The water, the little boats, oh my.

Paris. Enough said.
P.S. I love her tiny tulle skirt!

I think this is Tahiti. wowzers.

Spain, you stole my heart.  Don't tell Chris, okay?!
I want to stroll these streets, sip cafe con leche, and love my love in Spain.

Can you imagine strolling on an afternoon, honeymoon walk here?!
Love me some New Zealand!

I don't know where she is, but she is so honeymoon-relaxed right now. 
I can't even stand it!  Did I mention that I LOVE the red?!

Lovelies, where are you going on your honeymoon?  Where did you go? Beach, city, Europe, jungle, rain forest?  I want to know!

Do these inspire you to travel? I know I am inspired.  I totally want to be that girl reading above.

Happy planning!



P.S. I found all these images on Pinterest.  Although Pinterest is awesome, its not always easy to find photography credits.  Forgive me for all of the images being "unknown."

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  1. LOVE that last image. BLISS. Sammy and I went to London & Oxford. We are way over-due for a re-moon trip. ;-)