Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Calm Those Nerves

In the months, weeks and  especially days before my wedding, I noticed my anxiety jump a little more with every passing second, every final decision.  Chris and I found it easier and easier to snap at each other over things as silly has how many packs of tissues should go in the welcome baskets, who should drive who's mom to the vineyard, and other unimportant things.

I saw this quote as I  was reflecting on our wedding / wedding planning experience last night ( I was looking at our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner pics that our photographer sent!) and wanted to share with all you brides and grooms to be.

When you have spent more than your budget allows, the color of the linens aren't exactly what you ordered and your florist can't tell the difference between roses and hydrangas, remember why you are dealing with all this in the first place!  You are getting married.  You are celebrating love.  The linens, flowers, tissues and party details really don't matter.

Keep calm and drink champagne.  If there is ever an excuse to stop, pop and sip on a Wednesday, its because you are engaged!

Happy Planning, lovelies.



P.S. I'll be sharing pics of the grooms cake I had made for Chris next week! Get excited.  Its a great one.

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