Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sip of the Summer - Tinto De Verano

With summer waining, I have been doing all I can to enjoy the last of long days, warm nights, grilled foods and everything else summer. (In Santa Monica it will stay summer-ish into early October, but being the fall baby I am, let's be honest, the moment September arrives I throw out all the stops to welcome changing leaves & sweater weather!)

My waining-summer drink of choice recently has been Tinto De Verano which is translated to red wine of the summer in Spanish.  Re-introduced (after taking a 5 year break post-Spain) to me by my loving husband a week ago, I haven't been able to put it down.  It reminds of Barcelona, Spain, and Mediterranean summer. Happiness.

Tinto De Verano is essentially a lazy man's sangria.  The only differences are that it is super easy to make (takes less than 2 minutes), its less sugary (awesome) because it doesn't have any fruit in it and its carbonated like a spritzer = delicious.  I actually like Tinto De Verano better than Sangria!

To make this awesome deliciousness, you take red wine (the cheaper the better because you can't taste the wine, really) and mix it with something similar to Gaseosa which is a mild flavored low sugar carbonated lemonade common in Spain.  You can use any kind of carbonated flavored drink you like.  Diet Sprite, Orange Soda, Fanta, flavored water, etc.  Chris and I chose the Blood Orange Italian drink from Trader Joes...holy moly is it good.

Another awesome thing about Tinto De Verano is that you don't have to live at the mixing mercy of the person who made the cocktail because everyone mixes their own tinto!  Put out some red wine and the carbonated beverage and like the everyone go to town!

I personally like to do about 70% wine & 30% mix.

Done! Delicious. Easy. Less sugar.  What's not to love?!

Do you know of any other summer cocktails?  Have you had Tinto De Verano?  Are you excited to try?!

Let me know!



P.S. Lovelies!  I want to let you all know about Creative Cocktails For A Cure.  Its a fund raiser Chris and I are hosting to benefit the Alzheimer's Association.  Visit our donation page here and help us reach our goal of raising $3000 dollars by October 1st!

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