Friday, August 26, 2011

The Pink Monster, 4th and Final Edition!

Lovelies!  I am soooo excited to share the finale to my Pink Monster series with you.  It has been a long journey (beginning in June), but I have finally restored this mid-century piece into what I knew it could be.  Before I share the final product, let's journey back to where we started.

I bought this chair at an estate sale in Santa Monica in June, and was annoyed with it after it took more than 7 hours to remove the hot pink latex that I and named it the Pink Monster.  I removed the paint in step 1, sanded in step 2, and stained the chair in step 3.  When I say "I", I really mean we.  I could HAVE NEVER completed this chair project with my awesome huz!

Now on to the fun part!

Once we had the chair stained, it was time to reupholster.  I mastered this earlier this year when I re-did my dining room chairs

I picked out a super fun / retro bluebird pattern and we went to town!

Preparing to do the back of the chair.

Hard-working husband.

Back done!

Cushion done!

Now preparing for the front.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any shots of tacking the front.  It took both of us! 


 Notice my tack job?!  That a was huge pain in the arssssss. But, worth it.

Final product from behind.

 I think The Pink Monster deserves a new name, don't you?!!!

Any suggestions?!