Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - Why You Should Turn Off Your Lights!

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Isn't this picture so funny?! Funny & true.

Lighting is responsible for about 11 percent of a home's energy bill.  With the average American home spending near $2000 / year on energy (Source: U.S. EPA and ENERGY STAR), that's $220 a year that we spend just flicking on (or forgetting to flick off) those light switches!

I can think of quite a few things I would buy with that $220 right now: these jeans, this top in flame & spciy gold, these sunglasses, a fantastic dinner here, a 1/2 case of this syrah / grenache blend.  My lists could go on...

What would you spend your extra $220 on?!  Are you good about turning lights off when you leave a room?

Happy Monday, lovelies. 

Wishing you all an earth conscious week!



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