Monday, August 1, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - EcoVino!

Happy Monday, lovelies!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

For today's Mother Earth Monday post, I want to share my new favorite Earth-friendly wine - EcoVino!

I love the image on the bag!!

I know all you winos out there are thinking "Wine in a bag? yuck!"  Well, you are wrong with this wine!

For a little over $10 you get a nice, easy-to-drink Chardonnay (they also have one red, I believe) that comes in a container 80% less wasteful than bottles.  And! It lasts in the refrigerator up to one month!

I stole this information about EcoVino packaging from their website:

On a global scale, more wine is being produced than ever before. Most is about 60% product, 40% packaging. That’s a lot of glass that may not make it into the recycling bin. We believe the ecoVINO way of packaging and transporting wine in the 21st Century is smarter. Our 1.5 L wine pouches are 98% wine and 2% packaging by weight. They offer an 85% reduced carbon footprint compared to glass, and are still 100% recyclable. Moreover, ecoVINO wine pouches are as friendly to you as they are to the earth. They’re easy to carry, store and pour -- no dribbles or drips. They chill quickly, and keep your wine fresh for up to a month after opening by keeping UV light and oxidation out of the equation.

Run to your nearest Trader Joe's and try some!  Its yummy and makes the Earth happy.  What else could you ask for from your wine?!



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