Monday, August 22, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - Belkin Products Rule!!!

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I am super pumped to share three Belkin products with you today!  I had never heard of this company until I saw a random picture of this product and shame on me for that!  This company rules!

Okay, first of the three products is the Conserve Insight (pictured above).

For $29.99, you can get this bad boy which shows you how much energy your devices really use—including, the cost of operation, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) produced in generating the electricity consumed, and watts. See at a glance the true impact to your wallet—and the environment.

This works on everything from your lights (are you remembering to turn them off?), fridge, TV habits, cell phone charging, blow dryer, etc.!

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Second up is the Conserve Smart AV.

This awesome jobby automatically turns off up to 6 appliances when they are not in use!  TV, DVD, Sound system - the works! For you fiscally conservative folk, did you know that your idle TV costs an average of $76 / year?!  Just when the little red light is on?  What the what?!

The Conserve Smart AV is $29.99 and totally worth it.  Get it here.

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Last, but certainly not least is the Conserve Socket.

At $9.99, this bad boy is your alarm clock, computer, light, fan yada, yada's new best friend!  It has 3 turn off settings (30 minutes, 3 hours, 6 hours) and at that low price, you can get them for every socket in your house.

I am obviously super stoked about these products!  What do you think?!  Cool?  Stupid?  Good investment?  Do you already use anything like these?!

Let me know, lovelies!



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