Friday, August 19, 2011

Its Friday, I'm In Love.....With...

Image Source: Photographer, William Garret
...this photo. 
 I mean, really? Holy beautiful. I am pretending that is Chris and I in our other Italian bodies and our other Italian life.  We do have a scooter...its pretty much us!

....angel hair pasta with sun-dried tomato pea pesto.

Talk about yummy!  Find the recipe here (I added in the sundried tomatoes).

Image Source: unknown (unfortunately! would love to give credit on this one.)
....this photo!
Totally true in my case.  I have legally been Lindsey Arotin for 1 month, today! hanging vase.
I LOVE IT!! Tutorial here

...relaxing in the twilight of summer.
My welcome sign says it all. 

 ...grilled corn on the cob.

Image Source:
....Great Danes, barefeet and a clear umbrella for the fall.

Any big plans for the weekend, lovelies?



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