Friday, August 12, 2011

Its Friday, I'm In Love.....With...

Image Source: Unknown
....this pool!!!

With summer in its twilight, I am already getting nostalgic for all things warm, sunny and summer, swimming included. 

I haven't been swimming all season (bad, Lindsey), so when I came across this image of a public pool (yes, pool) in Austin, TX....I just gasped!  How cool is this 1000 ft. pool?!  Its called Barton Springs Pool.  It looks like a lake, right?!  It's the largest natural pool in the USA and is fed by underground springs that pump more than 32 million gallons of water a year!  Also, just because fall is coming, it doesn't mean you can't still swim here - the water is kept at a nice 68 degrees year round!

Chris and I are heading to Austin for his big 3-0 celebration in January and this is definitely going to be on my list as a MUST, must, must see / do!!

Happy Friday & happy weekend lovelies!

Are you going swimming, by chance?! ;)




  1. WOW! Incredible! Austin is indeed an AMAZING city. Small town charm, big city to-dos! Love it..... but, not as much as I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. LOVE that place, been there a few times :) LOVE Austin!!!

  3. This is Helen by the way:) xoxo Loving your blog posts!