Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love...with..

Image Source: Apartment Therapy
...this welcome mat!
Perfect welcome mat boredom cure for a girl like me, with ADD!  I can change it up for every season, party or occasion by simply drawing a new one with chalk! GENIUS.

Image Source: Apartment Therapy
....this garden-in-a-box
What a wonderful housewarming gift!

Image Source: Gina Leigh via A Cup of Jo
...this photo.
I simply could not wait for Wednesday Wednesday to come around to show this pre-ceremony picture!

The couple didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, but did want a "before" pic, so they used a door to block the view!  Can you imagine the butterflies and racing hearts they must have had in this moment. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Image Source:  Little Round Table
 ...this centerpiece idea.
I am having a little dinner party on Saturday and this is sooooo going to be recreated on my table.  I think with white roses or maybe pink!? Simple, easy, summer. Done.

Image Source:
...this garden kitchen.
I am totally into gardening recently (bungalow, no-yard, plant-box gardening, of course) and this kitchen has inspired me to bring some herbs indoors.  Definitely on the project list for this weekend!

I wish you all a wonderful, easy-breezy August weekend.



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