Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Gifting - His & Hers

Fretting about what I would get Chris as a wedding gift was at the top of my list of stressors during the wedding planning process.  I wanted my gift to be something timeless, something reflective of my love for him, and something truly beautiful. My ideas ranged from a guitar, to etched cufflinks, to an expensive set of ties and other man products. None quite fit the bill.

What I finally came up with was a boudoir photobook to be given to him the night before the wedding. (I am mean. hehe.)  I spent about 2 hours prepping with make-up and hair and another 2 hours posing during the photoshoot for this gift.  The look on his face everytime he opens his photobook is worth every minute and penny I spent.  :)

As you can imagine, I am not posting my boudoir photos here, but instead sharing Chris's gift to me because he and I held the same ideas about wedding gifting - timeless, reflective and beautiful - which is so clear when you see his gift.

Tiffany's small, crystal dish, which now serves as a ring holder.
What bride wouldn't swoon when her wedding gift comes encased in Tiffany blue?!

As you look more closely at my gift, notice that it came inscribed. 
Tears began to flow for me when I saw this element of the dish.

Guess what tops the awesomeness of this gift off?!
That is Chris's actual hand-writing etched on the glass.

To me, the most important element of wedding gifting is putting your love into it.  Whether that means doing a photobook for your love to treasure forever, etching your sentiments into glass, or hand-stitching a handkerchief.

What are you planning to gift on your wedding day?!  What are you secretly hoping to receive?

Happy planning!



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  1. I love that so much! What a precious gift. Chris is so thoughtful. And I can only imagine his face when he opens your boudoir album. ;-)