Tuesday, July 5, 2011

San Diego + Dave's Chilaquiles

Happy Tuesday, dears!  I hope you all had a very restful and fun holiday weekend.  Chris, our great friend, Sam, and I headed down to San Diego for the holiday to visit our friend Dave. That's him below!

  I pride myself on being a great hostess, but boy do I have some learning to do from Dave.
He had noted from my blog that I was hoping for some margaritas when in San Diego.
What do you think I arrived too?!

A delcious margarita, literally handed to me as I walked in the door.  What a bienviendos!

Chris was as happy as I was about the margaritas, sunhats and sunshine.  Obviously.

 Dave followed the margaritas up with a fantastic Sans Liege Rose 2010
There is nothing better than a delicious rose on a hot summer day.  Especially for you red wine lovers.  This rose tastes like red wine and summertime got together and decided to create a piece of heaven.
If you like red wine, summertime, or rose, you should RUN to your nearest wine shop to pick up a bottle or 12 of this wine.  Or click on the link above.  You will not be disappoined.

This is Dave's jeep. It = fun!

 Dave took us to his favorite wine shop, San Diego Wine Co, where on Saturday's between 11-4 you get 10 wine tastings for $10!  Yes, you read that correctly. 
Don't the boys look so cute?!

 I took a picture of Sam's notes sheet because I find it to be so sweet, hilarious and endearing. 
Can you read his notes? "Hint of mouthwash." "Thinks green." "Two thumbs up."
I think "dirty glass," is my favorite because Sam was not happy about the tannins in his glass!

I went a a bit crazy in this shop, especially for the Rare Red from California. This blend is a heart stopper, its so delcious. Some mad wine scientists got together to steal my heart when they created this.

 We also went on some fun vista-seeing. I think this spot was my favorite.

I didn't get any pictures from the restuarant we went to for dinner on Saturday night, but if you ever find yourself in San Diego, you MUST go to Cucina Urbana. This Italian resturant makes some amazing local dishes AND you get to pick your wine for dinner right off racks on the wall!

We started off our Sunday adventure with Dave's Chilaquiles. Holy delicious.  I didn't grow up eating much Mexician food, so it never really occurred to me that there was such a thing as mexican breakfast that wasn't a breakfast burrito.  If you get the craving, please cook the recipe below! (I kinda winged this based on how Dave told me he made it.) Just FYI!

Dave's Chilaquiles
Gourmet tortilla chips
Eggs, 2 per person
Soyrizo, 1/2 of a 12oz. package
Queso Fresco, 1/4 cup
Jalepeno salsa
Small white onion, chopped
Corn or veggie oil, 1/4 cup
Salt and pepper
Avocado, optional garnish
Cilantro, optional garnish
Sour cream or greek yogurt, optional garnish

Start with 1/4 cup oil in the pan, add the onion and let cook until soft.  Add in the salsa and let it cook with the onion for several minutes.  Add in the tortilla chips and coat on both sides, let cook for several minutes.  Add in the soyrizo and let cook for a few minutes.

While all that is cooking, crack your eggs into a bowl and mix as you would to make scrambled eggs.

Add add the eggs and cook until fully scrambled.  Top with queso fresco and let that melt.

Plate the food and top with your garnishes!  Serve with your favorite salsas and dry tortilla chips.  Maybe a morning margarita?!  Yummy!

 Imperial Beach time!

 After IB (I think this is what locals call it?!), we went to Coronado and found this fantastic olive oil tasting shop, Coronado Taste of Oils.  I bought some basil olive oil. Yummmmmmmy!!!

 3rd of July park day!
I took this picture hanging out of the jeep which was a super fun new experience.

 We finished off our adventures @ Small Bar.  Great beer, great Scotch....

...Great friends. 

Many thanks to Dave for showing us such a fantastic weekend.  Many thanks to Sam for traveling with and spending time with us.  And, many thanks to Chris for celebrating such a wonderful holiday with me. love.

What did you lovelies do for your holiday weekend?  Did you eat and drink as much as we did?! ;)


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