Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rosé Summer

This summer I have been all about rosé.  I just can't get enough of the cool and easy flavor.

To me, drinking rosé is the perfect way to get the delicious flavor of a red wine without the warmth - keeping me cool on those warm summer nights.

I also just love the subtle flavors of rosé wines.  They don't punch you in the face, like reds, yet don't leave you wanting more, like whites. 

This rosé is 88 points and I found it at Bevmo for $13. Yes, yes, yes. 
The subtle notes of strawberry make my heart happy.
P.S. Isn't the bottle topper so cute?!  Its meant for champagne.

Image source: Martha Stewart Weddings
This is one of my most favorite value rosé champagnes.  You can pick up a bottle for about $20.
Guess who else loves this rosé and keeps it stocked in her cellar for parties and gatherings?!
If you guessed the fabulous Martha, you are right. :)

This is a show stopper rosé champagne.
2002 Perrier Jouet Champagne Rosé.  It runs about $200.
On my 22nd birthday my boss ordered a regular bottle of Perrier to celebrate with me. 
The bar tender wasn't looking and opened this instead.  What a lucky day!!

Most Americans think of blush wine, white zin and other sweet blends, when they see rosé.  When, in fact, rosés made in the "dry" European fashion are the opposite of sweet.  They are made with red grape-varietals and are amazing!  I challenge those of you that haven't ventured near the rosé isle to take the leap!  French and french-style rosés are my very favorite.  

I can't wait to find more fabulous rosés to carry me through the twilight of the summer!

Do you have any favorite rosés?  Do you like them?  Hate them?



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  1. I've always hated rosés- they remind me of Franzia boxed wine from my college days. ;-) But I tried a french rosé recently at a party- a gentleman who actually works with wines every day offered it to me, and it was delicious! I'm excited about trying more.