Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pink Monster, Part 3

I am so excited to share the results from the third step in The Pink Monster adventure!  My lovely chair is finally showing its true colors!  Click here and here to refresh yourself about where we started.  It was a mess!

Step three consisted of staining and lacquering the chair to a beautiful red mahogany.

Before I started the actual staining process, I first wiped the chair down to remove left over dust from all the sanding.  Then, I set out my tools - stain, staining brush, towel and fabric to catch any drippings.
Here is the stain and staining brush.

Here is the chair after one coat of stain.
You never know when you start a staining adventure how many coats you will need.  It depends on the texture of the wood among other factors. 

I always pray for one coat and my projects almost always end up needing three. Ugh! That's life, I guess!

After applying a coat of stain, you let the stain sit for 5-15 minutes to allow the color  to penetrate the wood.  Then, you remove the excess stain with a clean towel. 
My towely towel!
After the towel step, you wait 4-6 hours and then you can add the second coat of stain. I usually let the wood sit overnight to ensure its completely dry and ready for another coat.
This is the chair after two coats of stain.  Coming right along.
You have to repeat the toweling and drying process with each coat of stain. 

So, after completing those steps on the second coat and day of staining, we moved on to day three!

I finally achieved the color and coating I was hoping for with the third coat. Yippie!  After toweling and letting dry overnight, I then applied clear lacquer to seal and protect the stain.

Third coat's a charm!
Viola!  All my used-to-be Pink Monster needs now is fabulous fabric, which I already found! :)

Check back next week to see the final step and before & after photos!  So exciting!



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