Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Pink Monster, Part 2

Sanding the Pink Monster was much more of a chore than I anticipated.  Holy powerful, power sander! So much so, that I may have contracted out this step to my wonderful husband.

Doesn't he look adorable with the dust mask on?!  hehe.

Working hard for a new chair!

Can you see on the front where he had already power sanded?  What a magical machine!
After another 2-3 hours of work (getting in the nitty griddy parts of the chair and removing even more staples takes time), our chair is now sanded and ready for staining!

Right side.

Left side.
Sanded chair! Oh so smmmmoooooooooothhh. :)

I owe a big thanks to Chris for helping me out / doing this entire step for me. love. love.

The Pink Monster will be stained next week and I finally found my inspiration for fabric, so I will pick that up as well!  I am so excited to see this beauty completed! Aren't you?!



P.S. Check out this vintage revival!  LOVE!


  1. Looking good! Get with me before you purchase fabric. There's a place down the street that has really, really cheap fabric AND the old man is sooooooooo nice. He usually throws in something for free! Love you!