Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Pink Monster, Part 1

The pink monster was found a few weeks back at an estate sale in Santa Monica. I walked past it about 10 times in a matter of 30 minutes deciding as to whether I wanted to save and restore this mid century beauty. After asking the price ($10) for the 10th time, I was sold. 

And here begins a four part series about the pink monster restoration! Enjoy!
The Pink Monster

Once I got the monster home, it was time to assess exactly how I would restore this pink painted, zebra printed, unfortunate change-job back into the beauty I knew it could be. 

At first glance, I knew I would have to sand the paint off, stain the legs and reupholster the cushions.

Then, my mom informed me that pink paint was a latex, meaning that instead of just sanding it off, I would have to use paint remover and a scraper.  That added a step to the process that I wasn't anticipating.  Total steps = 4.  Scrape paint, sand smooth, stain and reupholster.

Step One = Paint Removal

My Tools for paint removal.

After one hour of work.

After two hours of work.  This is when I dubbed my chair "Pink Monster."
After three hours of scrapping, Chris came out and helped me remove the seat cushions.  That was such a chore, it took both of us and I didn't caputure pictures.

After seven hours of paint removal.
After seven hours of work on the books, all paint was finally removed, the cushions were gone and I was ready for step two!  Sanding!  

I should have steps 2 and 3 next week!

Do you find furniture restoration fun?!   Do you like the results? Do you have any fun projects going on for your home?  Are you excited to see my chair results?!

Have a lovely Thursday!




  1. The way I remember it, I dubbed it the 'Pink Monster'...

  2. Chris, you are right! It was you!