Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oklahoma Breeze - The Sound of Summer

Hi guys!  I'm back and settled from my weekend trip to Oklahoma to see my sister and what an amazing whirlwind adventure we had!  From fantastic dinner at The Brady Tavern to pork buns at Yokozuna to Poblano waffles at Lucky's to $2 mimosas and fantastic hair experiences at ARCS, we truly celebrated Toni in such a special way.

I think my favorite time spent during the entire trip consisted of hanging out with Toni, doing nothing but listening to sound of the warm Oklahoma breeze and the song of happy crickets and other summer critters!  Those are my favorite sounds of summer.
This picture is a great reflection of Toni doing just that!

I stumbled across a fantastic Oklahoma artist while in Tulsa, Christine Sharp-Crowe. One of many local artists who represent the state so well.

I couldn't resist this tea towel in her home collection. 

The birds flanking the word Oklahoma are the state bird, the scissor-tail flycatcher!  How beautiful.  Even more beautiful are her instructions for cleaning the towel, which say that the towel texture is "best when line dried in the Oklahoma breeze."  Can you blame me for tearing up when I read that?!

Check out her line and check back with me tomorrow for a super fun, Wedding Wednesday post!



P.S. What is your favorite sound of summer?!

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