Monday, July 11, 2011

New Series : Mother Earth Monday - Do You Know Your Carbon Footprint?

Happy Monday, Lovelies!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?! 

It was sunny and warm here in Santa Monica, so Chris and I were inspired to work on the Pink Monster and pieces for my art shows coming up this month.  We also cooked some fabulous oven-free meals, (trying to keep the kitchen cool in the heat) which I will be sharing this week!

My favorite event of the weekend was Chris and my discussion about an element of our life that I have forgotten to share with you all here, our serious effort to live a low carbon footprint life.  Thus, the new series, Mother Earth Monday!  I plan to share all the ways that Chris and I try to save the planet as well as tips and ideas I find around the web.

To begin this new series, I thought it would be fun to see different carbon emissions from around the world, a breakdown of the emissions of an average person in the USA, and my household carbon footprint.

Isn't this such a cool way to look @ world carbon emissions?!  Boooo to USA & China!

Can you believe that holiday flights take up 6% of the average person's carbon emissions!
Let's all Skype at holidays.
Or, maybe pick just one holiday to travel?!

This is Chris and my household carbon footprint! I am proud of us! Together, we emit 1/3 the carbon of the average 1 person!
We are a one car family, buy local and organic and don't fly much (we like Santa Monica) = low carbon footprint!

I did our carbon footprint calculations at Its fun to measure and see where you spend the most energy.

I found these websites that also do carbon calculations: Carbon Fund,,

Do you know your carbon footprint?!  Are you excited to find out?!

I hope you enjoy the new series and find ideas that you can implement in your lives to try and save the earth and lower your carbon footprint!  If you are interested in learning anything specific (ways to recycle, how to buy local, how to use less water, anything!), please leave me a comment or email me! 



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  1. Love it! Can't wait to see in person (or by photo) the progress on your pink chair! Love you!