Friday, July 1, 2011

Its Friday, I'm in love...with...

Sunshine, summertime, sunhats!

Organic Sunscreen!  I use MyChelle

I won't go on a huge rant about why you should be using organic sunscreen, facial and body products , since its a holiday weekend.  But, I will give you one piece of advice - read the back of your body products!  If you can't pronounce more than 5 ingredients on the bottle (or you don't know what those ingredients are), you should switch. Most of those unpronoucable products are also used to make car engines, tires, dishwashing soap, etc.  Fun to think about using those chemicals on your face, huh?

Bright, Glittery Nails

Grilling, especially using a Vitamin B3 glaze (brown sugar, butter and bourbon). hehe.

Nostalgic Holiday Moments
Guess who was born in Beaufort, SC? ;)
Doesn't this picture make you want to grab your loved ones and head outside on the 4th?!

Lovelies, Happy 4th of July & Canada Day long weekend! 

Chris and I are super excited for this weekend because today is the one year anniversary of closing on our sweet bungalow!  The past owner was a wine seller for Justin Vineyards in Paso Robles (wine lovers are drawn to our little bungalow, it seems) and she was kind enough to leave us a bottle of Isosceles (which is one of the best wines Justin creates!).  We have been saving it in our cellar for a year and today we will savor it with a little surf and turf (WholeFoods salmon for me, farmer's market New York Strip for Chris) and sweet corn on the cob - yum! 

Tomorrow, we are heading down to San Diego for time with good friends, margaritas, brunch, sun and mexican food!  We are excited.  I will take lots of pictures and be sure to share them next week!

 I hope you all are excited to have an extra day to do everything summertime you love. 



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