Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day After, Year After The Wedding Photos - LOVE!

Style Me Pretty
For whatever reason, ever since the passing of the three monthaversary of our wedding last week, I can not stop thinking of ideas for and planning our one year anniversary.  Very crazy, type A, triple Virgo of me, I know. hehe. 

When I saw this "day after" photo shoot on Style Me Pretty last week, I knew I had one idea down - a year after photo shoot!

What I love most about this "day after" or "year after" photo shoot idea is that yes, you get to wear your beautiful dress again - holla!, but more, you both get to have pictures of you being you (not you being the "bride and groom") in your wedding attire.  Which is super fun!

This couple is from New York!  How awesome are the pictures with the taxi in the background and the hotdog!?

Chris and I are totally going down to the Santa Monica Pier and riding the ferris wheel for our year after shoot!

Do you have any plans for a "day after" shoot?!  Isn't it such a fun idea?  What about ideas for your one year anniversary?!

Happy planning, lovelies.  And, as always, feel free to leave a comment or email me with any wedding planning questions you may have!



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  1. What a wonderful idea! Never heard of. Oh my, it IS 2011. Time flies and life is forever changing!