Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wealth Bowl

One of the main reasons I love Saturday afternoons (I'm obviously already looking forward to the long weekend) is that I get to reep the spoils of my farmer's market shopping endeavors.  My living room feels bright and alive with new plants and flowers, my kitchen smells of fresh herbs, my refrigerator and counter space are overflowing with produce and most of all, my wealth bowl is replinished.

For those of you that don't follow Feng Shui, a bowl or basket overflowing with citrus symbolizes a good life and wealth. Some people like to keep a bowl of oranges or one kind of other citrus, but I like to have options! 

If you decide to start a wealth bowl at home, be sure to keep the bowl overflowing at all times.  As the week goes along and we eat the fruit, I switch to a smaller bowl.  You don't want your wealth bowl empty, do you?!


I like our wealth bowl to live on our dining room table because it encourages us to eat the fruit, serves as a no-brainer centerpiece, looks pretty and invites our guests to enjoy the fruit as well.  Win-win situation all around. :)

Do you keep a wealth bowl at home?  Do you follow Feng Shui?  Do you have any easy Feng Shui cures to share? 

Have a lovely Thursday!



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