Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman

I have been super inspired by the use of vintage suitcases in home decor as of late.  How amazing and inventive are the pictures below?!

I think suitcases are such a fun way to spice up the look of any room. I look at these pictures and wonder what kinds of adventures these pieces of luggage may have been on, and I love the idea of having those adventures living right in the room with me!

Given my new love of suitcases, I went on a hunt to find one of my own a few weeks back.  My hunt led me to the Santa Monica Airport Fleamarket, where I found an amazing brown leather suitcase, in really nice condition (the handle is a little worn, but I'm not carrying it anyway).

Rather than display my suitcase like any pictures above, I opted to turn mine into something Chris and I needed - a storage ottoman.

Building the ottoman was super easy!

We bought four feet at Home Depot, stained the feet a nice red mahogany, drilled four holes in the bottom of the suitcase and viola! Storage Ottoman!

My ottoman now holds games that were just sitting on the floor and serves as a magazine shelf!

Do you love to decorate with unusual vintage pieces?  Have you used suitcases in home decorating in other ways?  Would you like a vintage suitcase storage ottoman?  Email me!




  1. I love this little guy you made! I reblogged it. I also love your blog!

  2. Thank you on the ottoman & blog comment! Its fun to write and share and I love collecting and restoring vintage pieces. I did this whole series on a mid century chair I restored.."the pink monster." You should check that out! xo