Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Wedding - The People

Now that you have seen my favorite picture from the wedding, The Scene and The Decor, I think you should see the people!

Our wedding party was small, six people including us.  We had our sisters by our side and one best friend each!  I will let you guest which ones are the sisters. ;)

One of our great friends married us (best sermon ever) and another friend did all of our music.

My best friend from high school (who is a stylist) did all the hair and another best friend from college did all the make up.

Our photographer, event designer & botanical stylist, Lauryl Lane, is a friend from college and our day-of coordinator, Helen from With Grace Productions, is a good friend.

We had 67 guests, all of whom we knew in a near and dear way.

 I know this pic is of feet, not people, but its soooo telling of our personalities!

 I was really excited about having clevege.  Its unusual for me.

Brittany (make up artist) is fixing my dress and Ashley (hair stylist) is documenting.


Reverend Colin Simson!

Ryan Perez-Daple

 All the family.

Whole wedding photo with our home-made props!

Group toast.

 Tri Deltas. love.

 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Arotin. 
(I may or may not have given Chris is quick kiss before the Reverend said
 "you may now kiss the bride." )

Who is handling the elements of your wedding?  Vendors you love?  Friends?  Family?  How many guests will you have?



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